Collaboration Opportunities

available opportunities to work with the FOGGIE team

gas density projection

job opportunities

We do not currently have any anticipated openings.

bespoke simulation analysis

We also welcome collaborations in a wide range of observational and theoretical areas; please reach out to a FOGGIE team member if you are interested in collaborating.

We ask that external collaborators agree to the following Data Sharing and Use Agreement to ensure a productive and equitable collaboration:

1. As you are requesting to use data that has not yet been made public, please work closely with a FOGGIE Collaboration Member for all steps of the project that use FOGGIE data. A list of current members is maintained on our webpage. You and your contact will also choose a “backup” collaboration member who will be available to act as a go-to in case the primary FOGGIE collaboration member becomes unavailable. This backup collaboration member may also become the new primary contact in the case that you and/or the original FOGGIE collaboration member become uncomfortable continuing working with one another but the project is far enough along that it is mutually agreed upon that the collaboration should be continued.

2. When you request to use FOGGIE simulation data, there will be a discussion within the FOGGIE Collaboration to ensure that your project or something very similar is not already being done by other Collaboration Members. We strongly value the work of students and less senior members and reserve the right to turn down your request if a different Collaboration Member is already working on a similar project.

3. Do not undertake your own analysis of FOGGIE simulation data unless given explicit permission by your contact FOGGIE Collaboration Member. If you do perform your own analysis, ensure your contact FOGGIE Collaboration Member is aware of all analyses, included in the decision-making process for how to carry out analyses, and included in interpretation of the results of the analyses.

4. Include your contact FOGGIE Collaboration Member in the author list of any resulting papers and appropriately cite previous FOGGIE Collaboration papers. It is the responsibility of your contact to know what previous works need to be cited.

5. We request (but do not require) that you offer the opportunity for other FOGGIE Collaboration Members (other than your contact) to contribute to your project, and include them in paper author lists if they contribute significantly. Your contact member will be able to help coordinate these contributions and may have some specific suggestions of other collaboration members to include.

6. Ask your contact FOGGIE Collaboration Member for permission before including any preliminary results in talks, proposals, etc. Likewise, we will also ask you for permission to include preliminary results related to your work in our talks, proposals, etc. We generally anticipate for this to be straightforward, but that some effort may need to be put into agreeing on consistent messaging at preliminary stages.

7. Your contact FOGGIE Collaboration Member will be reporting back to the FOGGIE Collaboration on your project for the purposes of generating discussion and brainstorming ideas and to keep the Collaboration informed of how the simulation data is being used.

8. The FOGGIE Collaboration has a strict no-harassment and no-bullying clause that extends to anyone who works with FOGGIE Collaboration Members. If you feel that you are being harassed or bullied by your FOGGIE contact, please file a complaint with your backup FOGGIE contact and discuss how you would like to proceed (or not) with the collaboration. If your contact reports back to the Collaboration that they are being harassed or bullied, your work with the FOGGIE Collaboration may be switched to your backup contact or your access to FOGGIE data and analysis may be revoked, and you will may not be allowed to work with any other FOGGIE Collaboration Members in the future.

Last updated November 10, 2023